CONTEST!! Ends July 1, 2014

Calling all my creative friends…

If you’re like me, I’m always looking for an excuse to, here’s the contest:

Use this picture in any artistic medium (sketch, photoshop, paint, etc) and create an “Unsaintly” portrait.

There’s nothing huge to win, other than to have your friends nominate you for the best picture. Once all entries are received, I’ll post them throughout all my social network outlets, get you Social Media famous for a bit, and have a huge voting ..and I’ll even make you an award to put on your page/FB/whichever..

RULES: The image remains property of its Creator. However, any use of my own image must be linked back to me at  – Only two entries per person, max. Entries must be received by 10 PM CST on July 1st 2014. Winner agrees that I may post the image and promote both them, and myself.

I think that’s all. If you need the downloaded version of the image, please email me at and put in the subject: “UNSAINTLY IMG CONTEST”.

EDIT!!  — Winner will receive an Unsaintly T-Shirt. (Image BELOW the Contest Image)

Contest Image
Contest Image













Winning T-Shirt Logo
Winning T-Shirt Logo

Writer’s Blues

Drifting Away in a Daydream

A few minutes until lunch time. It couldn’t come quick enough. Thinking of curling up with my laptop and writing. Dreaming of being far away from reality. It’s rainy, dark, cloudy. So perfect for this kind of creativity. I wish I had more time to write, of course. So many stories bounce around in my head, but then I get caught in the web of every day life. The voices from my alter-universe call from a distance but sometimes it’s so hard to hear them with the cacophony of traffic, business chatter, phones ringing, printers, fax machines, the sounds of fingers clacking against keyboards..


How I miss you, Isabel.. Marciel.. Father Dulante…and yes, even you Father Raphael..