Spreading the Word

So the book is in it’s editing phase and set for release as soon as it is finished. This is very exciting for me because I’ve been working on this book for 10 years.

Why ten years? Well.. A lot of it was just life. I wasn’t sure I could finish it, then I didn’t want to finish it (finishing stories is a phobia I just learned to overcome…I’ll explain one day), then life happened. I had four boys to raise, I was sick, my family was sick, and then there was self doubt. I wasn’t sure if the story was good enough.

I grew up, and so did my story. I realized it was something I had to do. I never got to finish a lot of things in my life because I put everyone else first — this time, it was just me and the pages.

And I won. 

I did it. So now I want to celebrate and give back to everyone that’s helped me and who is supporting this dream. I started a fundraiser for the promotional items I’d like to give away to the first 30 people that purchase the book. I’ve done all my own work for this up to this point. I promote myself, do my own website, my own Twitter, my own blog. I don’t want to involve another entity to take my money and do what I feel should be between myself and anyone that purchases this book. It’s my first one (it will be a series) and it’s like having your first child. Except you don’t get fat, nauseous or stretch marks. You do however, lose sleep. Lots of it.

I’d like to offer anyone that does donate 30.00 or more something special. Definitely a copy of the book, signed by me! (hopefully that means something? 🙂 ) but the other gifts would be a surprise. Something small, not a pot of gold or anything …Unless I’m worth a lot of money when I die like Picasso. It could happen.

So enough blabbing! Here’s the link for the fund raiser!


THANK YOU in advance.