Ebook Distribution

So it’s official everyone!  I got the verification today that everything is going well and in about 2-4 weeks, The Unsaintly should be available via Kindle, Nook, and other retailers for purchase. Until then if you cannot wait.. Which I know you’re just dying to get your sinful little mitts on it.. You can still find it on Lulu.com.

From lulu:
Congratulations! Your eBook, “The Unsaintly”, meets all retail distribution requirements and we have forwarded it to the retail distributors you selected.

Thank you again for all your support.

For those that pre-ordered, your book and tshirt went out today!  It was actually quite fun gathering and packing everything up and taking it to the post office. I hope you enjoy!

The Unsaintly has made it to #3 on the lulu horror list. I hope it lives up to your expectations.

I will keep you guys posted on distribution news.. And!  On book 2!

If you guys wouldn’t mind helping me out, here’s what you can do..

1. Share!  Self publishing is so gratifying but it is hard work and competition with big houses is rough. Word of mouth from my fans means more to me than anything. If you spread the word, share this site or the Facebook page I would be very grateful.

2. In addition to sharing, writing a review is worth an elephants weight in gold. Please??  =)
3. Inspired by another author acquaintance Joe McKinney, I’d like to try and set up something for our troops. So if you would like to buy a book for you and add one to send to one of our soldiers, please email me at Unsaintly@gmail.com. If you donate a book, I will send you a signed poster. My goal is a humble number.. Only 15 but any number counts. Thank you!

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