August 7th: updates

Updates:  So I wanted to focus on something other than numbers for a minute. It is Thursday and usually everyone does TBT or turn back Thursday if you’re unfamiliar. Rather than be conventional, I’d like to reflect and then post some goals and updates for where The Unsaintly series is going.

Some of you on this page already know that The Unsaintly started off as a short story for a role playing character that I had. And then it grew a little and some of you even played in the story briefly. Though it never really went too far in the role play world, I think mostly due to situations outside of the fantasy world, it was inspiring seeing everyone bringing the story to life.

It was then, though, that I realized I had to finish it because it wasn’t complete. And there were too many questions being asked about it. And then, I’d lie awake at night unable to sleep. Literally nagged by my characters to tell their story.

I’d dream about them. If I was doodling, words would spill out into chapters about them.. It was getting pathetic.

These days we have many YA romance series. We have a lot of zombie series. A lot of vampire series. Werewolves. And I love them all!! The Unsaintly are their own race.. They’re not angels. They’re not demons. They’re not hybrids of either. And then.. Just when you think you have the whole theology thing down.. There’s one more twist. But that comes later. Book one is really the whole human aspect of Isabel’s life. It’s the vulnerabilities we face in life, and the doubt. It’s the constant searching.

In the sequencing books, Isabel learns what she’s become and starts her own war. And this is where it gets really good because up until now religion in the Christian world is predominantly patriarchal. So what would happen if I even the tables a little?

The Unsaintly is.. Intense. When I finished writing it. I sat there in awe for a min.. I was done. I know some of you will have mixed emotions.. For a lot of reasons. But just know there is in fact a plan. And future books will lay out the story piece by piece, until they all have their say. 🙂

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