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If you’re on the Facebook page for The Unsaintly, usually you’ll see updates and news there first. So go give us a like!

So! Hello everyone…:) Couple of things, today. Thank you again, for everyone sharing the page and getting us to closer to 100 Likes. You guys are the best!

Some of you have your books and are telling me there are still some errors, so I apologize for that. Since it is a self-published book, those things happen. I believe it’s the formatting issue. Literally, you have to copy and paste, chapter by chapter into a formatted template. So again (x100) I’m sorry for that because I know that it distracts from the story. If there are other things that are wrong, PLEASE let me know. I’m considering re-editing the book. And that means..you will -really- have Limited Edition copies. LOL

Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoy the content outside of the stupid errors =\

email me at unsaintly@hotmail.com and put unsaintly editing in the subject line. I’ll keep that email address specifically for this and check it about once a week. Thanks again!!

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