The Anti God: Birth

The Teaser for Book 2


Copyright © 2014
All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever.




In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

In the void and emptiness lie an entity, slithering in the fissures of space and time. An ire lying in waiting as the shadows stirred, warning of intrusion. The new being who called itself “God“ billowed into the inky depths of her domain and boiled at the tolerance of its owner. Swift warnings were sent out as the darkness stalked the light bringer. Darkness coiled around the one called God before he knew it, for she was the expanse of all that he could see and he was but a spark. With the ignition of the light, Darkness recoiled and hissed, seeking to envelope the light, and snuff it out. But God continued to create in exponential rates. The sound of music from God’s children whom he called “Angels“ rose outward from the Light like missiles into Darkness forcing its retreat.

In Darkness’ revenge, beings were created to destroy the Angels. Small serpents crawled out from her and into the blackness where the life began to stir. Four daughters emerged, hair like black shadows and gnashing of teeth. Around their wrists were the serpents, devouring their own tails, and binding them to the Mother. Darkness was pleased at the Daughter’s hunger, and she sent them out to seek the Angels. With vicious and insatiable appetite the angels were devoured one after another.  God’s creations scattered and questioned their maker on why he allowed them to be devoured. Why did he not fight to save them?

The leader of those that would question was called “Lucifer“. Relentlessly, he went to God and would plead for the life of his brothers; For his Father to stand up and avenge the death of the Children. God seemed pleased at the war and did nothing, waving Lucifer off while he watched the sport of the killings with renewed interest and amusement.

Lucifer took it upon himself to seek out Darkness and plead with her on behalf of his brothers. Darkness was entranced with the beauty of Lucifer and granted him her counsel, whispering in his ear. The voice slithered into his ear like oozing honey, spreading through his spirit and being until he was tainted with Darkness. When Lucifer opened his eyes, he saw with renewed sight. God’s indifference toward his children spurned within Lucifer something he had never known before; rage. When Lucifer returned to God’s throne, God could see that his creation had been tainted. It was a direct attack on God’s person, one that he was not prepared for. He cast Lucifer out of the light and into Darkness’ embrace.

When Lucifer returned, Darkness continued her counsel with him and together they sought to destroy God. Knowing that God’s weakness was his creations, Darkness and Lucifer set out to corrupt and taint all that was his, systematically snuffing out his light in an eternal celestial war. With her new ally, Darkness, and her daughters began building an army. God’s animals were slaughtered, God’s man was seduced, God’s woman was molested, and in turn, every child born from them would bear Darkness’ taint. Eons would pass before temples and churches were built to honor and worship God. Lucifer began to create his own army with Darkness’ whispers promising him power and vengeance. Lucifer recruited his brethren from God’s ranks, devils who would turn their backs on their Father, and possess God’s newer, more loved creatures. Corruption fed their jealousy for a while but soon, a greater need existed; the need to destroy. The Fallen would lead the lamb to the slaughter.

Darkness did not stop there, though. She would slither into the shadows of the churches and temples, whispering her words of honey and corruption into the ears of the men of God. Seducing them, she would drag them back to her lair where they were violently tortured and fed her taint. It was another direct blow to God’s ranks. In God’s fury there was finally a declaration of war. Darkness and Lucifer raised up their army and met on the river banks where Light and Darkness met. The clear water soon ran red with the fire of both sides’ rage. Lost souls were destined to burn in that river for eternity, serving as a reminder of their purpose.

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