Book Signing!! (edited)

(I edited this because I tried to write it before going to sleep.. Bad bad idea lol)

Hey guys! I’ve been hard at work but I wanted to take some time out and keep in touch with you. I have a few things going on..

First, the sequel to The Unsaintly is around the corner. Now that it is out and just .99 on everyone should be able to find some change to afford that, right?

To raise some discussion about the book I want to tell you some things about the first one. I guess the first question everyone asks is, “what is the book about?”

This question always caused me anxiety because I didn’t know how to summarize it without giving everything away. I will try to be very careful about that in this discussion but I give you no promises. Tread carefully. Read slowly! Lol

The Unsaintly is the first book in a planned series. This book was a thorn in my side because I debated on putting it out as it was or to continue further into the story. Mainly, my biggest concern was that it was a short book by usual standards but if I continued on, it would end up being longer than I wanted. It would touch on details too soon that would give away or confuse the reader. This being my first book I decided to make this my shorter book to cut my teeth on and see how it was received. It also gives the reader a chance to decide if they like me, my style of writing, etc.

The best thing about it, to me, is that people seem to really love it.

So what’s in the future?

Well now that the “traditional” real life aspect of the book is over, it allows me to open the door to the story lurking beneath.  The twisted  world of Shakespeare meets the Exorcist. A world that is complex and elaborate that the reader can fall into. The characters will start to become more fantastical as my version of Genesis and Revelations comes to life. Even more frightening though, is the nemesis who Isabel must contend with. In the first book, she had only God and Lucifer’s petty age-old bickering. And if it seemed a little uneventful that’s because it really is. Their war hasn’t even begun.

I think unfortunately, people don’t understand that The Unsaintly isn’t about Isabel and her stigmata, nor is it about her possession. It’s about what what all those things have created and prepared her for.

The Unsaintly really is.. just a long prologue to the war of the Gods – to the likes of which many have never seen, or expected before.

I hope that you enjoy the book and I  hope  to see you all at Katy Budget Books on November 29th! .. I will be the signing books and giving away prizes!

You won’t want to miss it!

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