This is us failing each other…

This was posted on my personal Facebook page and I decided to put it here, too.

I’m going to have to get up on the soapbox this morning. I’m going to preface this little venting moment by saying this is in no way intended to incite negativity. I don’t mind responses to what I post but if it offends you, maybe we shouldn’t be friends. If you’re here as fan of my writing, I have an author page. It might be safer to just hang around there, where I’m mostly politically “correct” — whatever that means.

I’d like to also say that I’m in no way demeaning or belitting anyone ELSE’S experiences or feelings. If you cannot handle that I see things differently and that I’ve come from a different world — again — I will have no hard feelings if you decide we aren’t really friends. I make no apologies for who I am and what I think.

Now that you’ve been warned….

The riots. Sigh…. Can you not see this is pitting race against race? Creating lines of division among you? You, who should be standing undivided to conquer the real demons? Can you not see that continuing on this path leads to Martial Law?

You riot and say you’re speaking up for rights. Who’s rights? I didn’t ask you to speak for me. I can speak for myself. That family’s business you burnt down? Did he join you? No? Then you didn’t speak for him either. Wait….did you burn your own things? Hm. Your car? Your house? Oh…

This isn’t a black and white thing. This is bullshit. You won’t be remembered as greatness. You’ll be remembered for stupidity. What was the name of the person beside you that looted? Don’t know? Ah…

Did that TV serve as a political statement? Something that would do harm to the government if lost? No? Hm..

This isn’t about police vs citizens. The ratio of people that join the police force with the intentions of doing harm is low. You can get offended if you get pulled over and a cop is rude or asks you to do things you site as “profiling” but guess what? That cop may have had a close call on the stop before you. Or maybe a fellow cop made the mistake of letting his guard down to be polite to his fellow “citizen” and ended up dead.

Oh trust me I GET both sides. No one is 100% right and no one is 100% wrong. I grew up in a neighborhood that was surrounded by gangs. You’ve seen Gangland — any of these ring a bell?

Vice Lords, Two-Six, Ambrose, Satan Disciples, Latin Kings — I’m sure my Lizette D (FB full name and link removed) can tell you what we went through. I can tell you that we weren’t singled out due to profiling. My brother was bullied for skateboarding. He’s white. My son is 1/2 Chinese and got jumped all the time because he lived near the projects. I’m Hispanic (Edit: and Greek!! My BFF actually called me a Malaka for not including that I was Greek.) and look “white” ..I don’t speak enough Spanish so I got bullied from my own kind, not the cops. In fact, if it weren’t for the cops, I’d be in a different position in life right now.

Furthermore — I have good friends, that I love dearly and family that are cops, so please keep that in mind when you bash the cops and tell me they are all corrupt. You’re insulting me when you insult them. Some people honestly just DO want to SERVE and PROTECT. Maybe if we didn’t make each other scared to walk down the street, we wouldn’t NEED all this but that’s not going to happen. It’s not, so please accept it and move on. There’s always a Jeffrey Dahmer and a Ted Bundy. If you believe there isn’t, you’re lying to yourself. I’m here to tell you first hand if a person like one of those two tries to harm one of my own? I don’t mind getting my hands bloody. I won’t need a cop — but I won’t fight one that tries to put me in handcuffs for going unhinged.

Do you know why our justice and government systems are jacked up? Look in the mirror. Our fathers, and their fathers, so on and so on have bartered and “politic’ed” their souls away. All in the name of “Our way is the right way!” We’re micro-managing our lives into the ground and it’s the collective “YOUR” fault. Don’t believe me?

There’s a law against drunk driving. GREAT! It’s harmful. I don’t want to lose loved ones to someone that is impaired. Oh but….Joe Vodka sues the BARTENDER for serving him another drink! “He should’ve known!”

Are you serious? Oh yeah I am. Because Mr. Bartender who is just doing what’s in his job description, has now become Mr. Vodka’s father and keeper and should’ve known that a grown man needed to be coddled.

You go to a fast food joint and get food. It’s against the law to serve you dirty food. GREAT! I dig it. You shouldn’t serve people dirty food, it’s just bad all around. Oh but……..Joe Roll sues McD’s cuz he’s fat. …../facepalm.

All these lawsuits? They make the laws go from 1 paragraph to:

Law 1.23455

(only on Tuesday’s and Friday’s, but only if following a national holiday)

……Deep breath……..

You have women say, “Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do to my body!” then turn around and ask the government to pay for three kids with different parents who they refuse to get jobs to help pay for — all while denying the father the right to see said child until they “pay more money” — which they spend on manicures, hair, and other bullshit. All while a mother who works 3 jobs at 8.25 an hour, while going to school at night when her ONE child is asleep is told “you make too much”.

Want to tell me why these people are looting TV’s and not books? Why are they not looting educational material and shouting about the right to free college education? Why? Because that’s not why they’re looting.

Why haven’t they picketed outside the mayor’s office. Why aren’t they writing to the senators and picketing there? Why aren’t they demanding time on the local News stations?

WHY aren’t they blogging, making websites, using social media for good rather than posting pics of them holding guns at the bathroom mirror looking “thug” and glorifying the hard knocks life? The “I’m more ghetto than you are” game is over-played, homies. It was over-played when people I loved were shot and killed for real.

And if one more person — stranger or friend — tells me I don’t really know because I’m not a person of “color”? Oh man…it’s just not going to end well. I don’t know what it’s like to be black no more than you know what it’s like to be “white” ..Don’t project your shit onto me just because you want to prove a point of how you’ve suffered.

Victims aren’t we all?

I’ve been the “white” girl walking into a “black” hood, the “black store”, the “black salon”. I’ve been the “white” girl, going into the Taco joint that can’t order in Spanish. And I’ve been the “white” girl that bullied because she didn’t bow or break when others thought she shouldn’t have black/ethnic friends.

You know what that makes me? Not a martyr or better than anyone else. It makes me human.

The violence and hate — it’s coming from your OWN PEOPLE…..white on white, black on black, brown on brown, yellow on yellow. Does it matter what side of the line (law/outlaw) they’re on. These are human lives. This is someone’s son, brother, mother, father, sister, teacher, mentor….

What are you doing?? Stop. Just stop!

Get control of yourselves. You’re not wild animals. And if you want to act like it, then — well you see what happens when wild animals run amok. They get put down. YOU……you make the choice of taking part of the chaos. And if you do just remember there is no way to determine the outcome. It’s just you and fate at that point.

Be at peace all of you. Find a way to love one another and care for one another. You don’t have to be friends….but give a shit.

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