Horror Writers Association Houston Texas

Hey everyone! I’ve got all the information and I’m looking for other HWA members to start our own chapter (approved of course). Please let me know if you’re interested! All I need is five people with an interest .. Or more, of curse!

Introducing Stitched Smile Publications!

Hey everyone! First I’d like to thank everyone for all the support you’ve always provided me. I’ve begun a kickstart for my new company. I’ve been involved in so many smaller things the last few years that many probably think I’m ADD. That’s partially true but all those little side projects have led me here. Money that I’ve made prior to now has gone into releasing and marketing The Unsaintly, and gaining the right programs and hands on experience with the publishing world. I’m by no means an expert but I’ve helped a lot of people and I’ve worked even harder to establish a reputation of having good work ethic, being reliable and of course being honest.

This year has been a hard one for a lot of you so my request is that if you cannot, or don’t feel comfortable, helping me with this company monetarily would you please do something as small as sharing this link?

The company has evolved on it’s own without me even saying a word. My staff is amazing, I have fantastic friends, and so much faith and encouragement from everyone..that I already have FOUR books just waiting to be produced and placed in your hands. We also have a magazine that’s set to make its debut in about 2 weeks.

All of this I’ve done with with my own funds.

Thank you again for all of your continued support!

Dear Younger Self

As we get older, it is normal for us to reflect and pose questions like, “If I knew then what I know now would I….?”
So this is my letter to me back then.

Dear Lisa,

You have a lot on your plate right now, I was just wondering..how are you? I know you say you’re fine, you always try to be so strong. I know that you say you have to be because people count on you but I want you to know it’s OK to cry, or be angry. You don’t have to take it all on yourself. By the way, school isn’t that bad, you’ll actually miss it when you’re older. No, seriously. I know everyone says that but you’re a curious one and it satisfies your “itch” to know ..well, everything.

Life is super hard right now, but you will get through it. I know because I’m here in the future and I promise you that you have so much to look forward to. Everyday will still be a challenge but there are people over here that cannot imagine their lives without you. And conversely, you cannot imagine how much they mean to you as well. Their smiles turn your “resting bitch face” into a light and you become an entirely brighter version of yourself.

There’s also something else you should know. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes. It’s better if you know that now and prepare yourself with how to deal with the aftermath. You shouldn’t beat yourself up so bad. You’re human and everyone falls on their face. It will hurt, and it will suck but you can and will get up because you’re that strong. How you’ve gotten through some of the storms is amazing to me as I sit here and look through this glass into the past.

Who you are now is not who you will become. It’s a bittersweet glimpse into the future. On one hand you want to stay who you are. You love your friends and your neighborhood. You love your house and you’re furry best friend, Gracie. Unfortunately, life is a path full of twists and turns and experience will change you. Some changes will be great and some…. not so great. No need to stress — everything can be fixed, changed, reorganized. You won’t believe me while it’s happening but you’re more than capable of handling it.

Now, Lisa, here comes the hardest part of my letter to you. You already know that not everything will pan out how you expected or planned. You have a strong heart and you’re really smart. That’s not the hard part, at all. I know what you’re thinking, “What else could possibly be harder?”. I won’t ever lie to you, so you’ll have to trust me. I’m there, deep inside of you. All you have to do is search and you’ll have all my guidance there. You’re going to need it because there are people in your life right now, and people that will come into your life later who you love so deeply it feels like you’ll come apart at the seams — and you’ll have to say goodbye to them.

They will get sick. Someone will take them. Others will just walk out the door and never come back. It’s in those dark hours that you will question everything. Nothing will hurt you more than to feel abandoned because that is not something in your nature to do, yourself. You will begin to understand that not everyone will treat you how you treat them, or have your compassion. It will strip away the amount of compassion you share freely and cause you to be protective over the ones that earn your love. You will even start to feel contempt and apathy.

When that happens, I want you to read this letter and know that love and compassion are tiny embers that come from a larger, more intense flame. The closer you are to it, the warmer you are. Like a campfire! Keep your family and friends close to the campfire, share stories, sing together, protect one another, gaze at the sky together and dream together. Others will be drawn to it like “critters in the night”. Set up boundaries and perimeters. This will keep outsiders from snuffing out the fire.

You won’t be ready for the people you love to leave and I can’t tell you when it will happen, so be open about your feelings and heart. Never take a day for granted. You already have the knowledge that money and material things are not important, and I love that about us. Cherish your loved ones, as you do now.

You are a fiercely protective mother. Yes! You will have children! I can feel your smile as I write this. They are the light of your world … but not everything will be perfect. I want you to forgive yourself for that. Do not carry it and let it burden your heart. Learn from the mistakes and continue doing what you do; you love them so openly and have an amazing bond with them. In return, they will pull away, go through crisis, hate themselves, hate everyone else, get picked on, be bullied…but that is not your fault.

Let me repeat that. That. Is. Not. Your. Fault.

Finally, my beautiful friend.. you will help save a life, maybe more than even I know, now. You will be the one thing that keeps someone else from falling apart. You will make someone smile who wanted to cry. You will be someone’s everything. You will mend hearts, you fix scrapes and bruises, and you will get others through the toughest times of their lives. The world without you would not be as beautiful to as many others as it is with you in it.

I will close this letter by saying that I love you, and can’t wait to meet you. Take care until then.



P.S. You’re not fat.

The Art of Detachment

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to let go. Let go of a thing, a person, an event, etc..

I used to be the type that couldn’t do that. I’d wallow and ruminate in the details, the “why’s” and the “what if’s”. It’s a control issue. A need to understand. A desire to get deep into the root of things. And then I learned that the only person I was hurting with this type of obsessive behavior was myself. The biggest lesson I learned was that when I let go, I got more clarity of the situation than when I was beating it against my head.

It’s one of two things.. Either I’m developing into a sociopath, or I’m just more mature. Honestly, I think it’s both.

I can’t stand certain drama. To the point where my eyes will glaze over and I leave my body to go to another place. I don’t have time for it in my life. I feel like I’m sitting in the eye of the storm watching bull shit fly by in all directions. Though it makes it easy to reach into the fray and pluck out facts one by one to assess, file away, or apply.

Last night I had someone from the past ask me about rumoured events that happened back when. I got angry, I’ll admit. But then I stopped and realized that not everyone has the ability to mourn and move on, whereas my ability seems to have evolved into a monster. I’ll drop things, people, memories..And not even dwell or recall them until someone else brings it up.

The thing is.. Detaching from some things is good and healthy.

You have to live life facing forward and not by driving while staring through the rear view. You can’t see anything coming at you that way.

The best life lesson comes from that sticker posted at the bottom of the mirror that looks behind you, “objects may appear closer”

The past is the past. If we let it chase us it will always feel like it’s right there snapping at your heels. Take your eyes off the rear view mirror and look ahead at the future. It’s a lot brighter than the clouds behind you.

Saturday!! One week from Halloween!

It’s a normal Saturday. I’m lying in bed dreading getting up because it’s also..cleaning day at my house. Everyone must be threatened with bodily harm gets up and wanders aimlessly around like zombies helps me get my house back in order from the chaos of the week. My room is my sanctuary because..well..every Dragon has a lair, am I right? And dragons don’t normally like to come out..unless there’s something yummy like cake, or donuts…or diamonds..

I’m celebrating a new phase in my life. “Make time to love me.” I do so much for other people, it’s time to show myself some TLC. I take care of my skin, my health, my heart and mind.

On the 19th I hit LEVEL 42 in this LARP game of life. And in those years I’ve accomplished many things. I don’t believe in bucket lists but I do believe in living life.

Talk to me. What’s something you want to do more of for yourself?