Crisis Text Line – a day in training

Those of you that know me, know that the subject of suicide and depression is very close and personal. I went delve into those reasons now because it involves someone I’m close to. I came across Crisis Text Line on accident and I’m so glad I did.

Millions of people every year deal with mental illness and a large portion of those people suffer with anxiety, depression, and suicide. Some are too uncomfortable speaking over the phone with a live person or face to face.

CCTL allows even more anonymity and privacy for someone dealing with a crisis. I urge anyone to utilize this resource if you’re in need.

The training that I’m going through is thorough and takes weeks and live sessions with trainers that walk you through the process of helping others. I can tell you that the training I’ve had has helped me outside of this platform.

I’m so excited about this journey and invite all of you to share the information or even volunteer to help.

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