It’s Tuesday.

Yep, that’s all I got. I have a book review due for Horror Addicts that I’ll finish later and because u-verse is down…..yet again (SIGH) I’ll be missing my second crisis training. It isn’t compatible via mobile so I’m screwed there. That’s ok, I’ll make it up. I will probably take a nap and then write.

Speaking of writing. Have any of you read The Unsaintly Chronicles? I’d love to hear feedback. It’s like looking down at earth from the moon when you’re a writer trying so hard to hear how the story was received.

Right now, I’m writing a story called The Unfleshed and it borrows from the Bride of Frankenstein movie. A little zombie action.

Anyway..I’m curled up in my bed about to fall asleep but please catch me on, unsaintly on Twitter ..Our Hell, on my Facebook !

See you soon!


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