Saturday!! One week from Halloween!

It’s a normal Saturday. I’m lying in bed dreading getting up because it’s day at my house. Everyone must be threatened with bodily harm gets up and wanders aimlessly around like zombies helps me get my house back in order from the chaos of the week. My room is my sanctuary because..well..every Dragon has a lair, am I right? And dragons don’t normally like to come out..unless there’s something yummy like cake, or donuts…or diamonds..

I’m celebrating a new phase in my life. “Make time to love me.” I do so much for other people, it’s time to show myself some TLC. I take care of my skin, my health, my heart and mind.

On the 19th I hit LEVEL 42 in this LARP game of life. And in those years I’ve accomplished many things. I don’t believe in bucket lists but I do believe in living life.

Talk to me. What’s something you want to do more of for yourself?