The Art of Detachment

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to let go. Let go of a thing, a person, an event, etc..

I used to be the type that couldn’t do that. I’d wallow and ruminate in the details, the “why’s” and the “what if’s”. It’s a control issue. A need to understand. A desire to get deep into the root of things. And then I learned that the only person I was hurting with this type of obsessive behavior was myself. The biggest lesson I learned was that when I let go, I got more clarity of the situation than when I was beating it against my head.

It’s one of two things.. Either I’m developing into a sociopath, or I’m just more mature. Honestly, I think it’s both.

I can’t stand certain drama. To the point where my eyes will glaze over and I leave my body to go to another place. I don’t have time for it in my life. I feel like I’m sitting in the eye of the storm watching bull shit fly by in all directions. Though it makes it easy to reach into the fray and pluck out facts one by one to assess, file away, or apply.

Last night I had someone from the past ask me about rumoured events that happened back when. I got angry, I’ll admit. But then I stopped and realized that not everyone has the ability to mourn and move on, whereas my ability seems to have evolved into a monster. I’ll drop things, people, memories..And not even dwell or recall them until someone else brings it up.

The thing is.. Detaching from some things is good and healthy.

You have to live life facing forward and not by driving while staring through the rear view. You can’t see anything coming at you that way.

The best life lesson comes from that sticker posted at the bottom of the mirror that looks behind you, “objects may appear closer”

The past is the past. If we let it chase us it will always feel like it’s right there snapping at your heels. Take your eyes off the rear view mirror and look ahead at the future. It’s a lot brighter than the clouds behind you.

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