New Chapter, Same Book

So I’m starting a new chapter in my book. The book of Me, that is. I’ve done a bunch of little “businesses” and I’ve learned a lot from each. My parents were entrepreneurs and so the dream for them became the vision for me. I realized on the journey from there to here that people like me get stigmas attached to them.

“Hustler”, “Never follow through” and other words become attached to us. It’s frustrating because the reality is, that people that have the drive to have their own business, often start a few of them until they find the one that can settle into and build upon.

For me, they started off as side hobbies that I’d make a little cash off of on the side. If I had a talent and could get a little money here or there I’d take it on. Sometimes it was for Christmas gifts, other times it was for extra income, and then eventually, it was so I could learn new skills. Each step of the way I was gaining experience. Now, I’m at a point in my life where I have reached the precipice of my journey. I can see everything with clearer vision and the obstacles in my way as well as the rewards.

I’m an author, number one. But while I’m pursuing that dream, the skills I’ve learned along the way are helping me to formulate a business that not only helps others, it can lead to steady income. The best part about it, is that it encompasses every skill I have.

In doing all that, I have to remain healthy. Body, mind, and spirit have to work in cohesive harmony. That’s been a challenge, to be honest. I have two autoimmune diseases and they make day to day living an adventure, to say the least. There are days I feel decrepit and days I feel strong. I know now that every day will be a fight to come out on top. That’s ok. I come from two parents that are warriors, and I’m not a quitter.

A lot of people ask me how I do it all. To be frank, I don’t know. I have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time, so keeping myself busy helps with keeping me focused. It does catch up sometimes, I admit. So this year, I’m going to make the following changes and I invite everyone to play the voyeur while I trip, fall, stumble and then eventually…dust myself off. I don’t plan on failing, and I don’t fail to plan.

The key to keeping up most times? I plan it all in my head and try to stay two steps in front of the game. I’ve always been an analyzer. I like to come in from all sides and hone in on the target. I’ll focus in on what I want, circle it a few times, attack it from an angle, then repeat. I try to make things fail a few times before I see what the weakness and/or strengths are. But most of all…I just tell myself I can do whatever I want.

December is here already. Everyone makes the same New Year’s Resolutions…but mine isn’t a resolution. Mine is a game plan and I intend to win the game.

First, is my health and fitness. I will work out as often as my body allows me to. On days that I need to rest, I can dedicate that much more time to doing just that — resting. Without rest, the body cannot repair. So if I’m that tired, I know that my body is in a flare or I simply need down time.

I have a group page for the health and fitness aspect of my life that anyone can join me on. Just comment below and I’ll send you the Facebook link. Support, and like minded people lead to successful results. I have a small group now but eventually it will get bigger and we will hold each other accountable, challenge one another and celebrate success.

Second is my spirit. I’m not a religious person but I am spiritual. So I’ll be dedicating some time to feeding my soul. I will learn new things, I will feed my hunger for culture and art, and I will continue with my volunteering. I’ve mentioned before that I volunteer for The Crisis Text Line organization and I have to say, it brings me a huge amount of pride to be a part of something so giving and needed.

Thirdly, is my mind. I will keep it filled with positive thoughts, and regularly cleanse it of negativity. I will learn. and give what I have learned to others. Knowledge is priceless, and it’s the best gift to give to another.

I mentioned staying organized. Even though I can organize a lot of things in my mind, I realize now that writing them down keeps me motivated and seeing tasks checked off gives me a sense of accomplishment. Reaching one’s goals takes patience. It’s a process that has certain tried and true steps. Reinforcing your goals every day keeps the mind centered on it. So I broke down and bought an organizer and my goal this year is to keep up on it for more than 3 months.

Yes, yes..I know. It’s 2015 and everything is electronic, or smart or fruity. I get it. I’m still tactile and love the act of writing, itself. And I love highlighters. o-em-gee I love highlighters.

Finally, I promise to keep up on this damnable, thorn-in-my-side blog. It’s a love/hate relationship. I love to do it but I hate doing it at the same time. I don’t even know why. I guess sometimes I feel like I don’t have anything deep and revolutionary to say. Aw well, you’ll just have to “listen” to me babble. I promise to try and get better at it so that you’ll at least have something you can take away from it. I promise that I’ll keep up on it for another reason. I want to look back and see how far I’ve come.

Anyway, to get links and other cool stuff I’m requiring one simple thing. Participation. Click the comments and interact with me. You might get something cool in return. 😉

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