The Year in Review

With the beginning of the year coming to a close very soon, I’d like to pose a challenge. Think about your year in review and think about where you’d like to be by next year.

Now, write your answer down somewhere you’ll have to look at it often.

Leave it alone and just focus on that goal, how it will change you, and what benefits you will get from it.

Tomorrow, write five things you’ll do to make that goal happen.

The next day, write five obstacles you foresee that will distract you.

And the day after that write five ways you’ll overcome those obstacles.

Keep this project by your mirror or computer. Wherever you’ll see it most often. Hold yourself accountable every day. These habits will help you keep your eye on the prize. It’ll make you hungry. You’ll reach small successes and crave more until eventually success is a main course instead of a dessert.

Remember you can do it and you will.