Dress for the job you want

It’s a saying used in the corporate world, “Dress for the job you want”. But I think this is the dividing line between successful people, and not-so-successful people. Apply this saying to everything you do and you’ll reap the benefits.

When you write, don’t write just to keep pumping out content. Write as if you’re writing the next book of a generation. Because you are. Ten years from now, twenty years from now, someone will stumble upon your book. They will judge it’s readers and you by its content. How do you want to be judged?

I have always loved being unique. I dig deep and try to stretch the  “box” until it’s an octagon. In my head I circle the idea like a wolf on a hunt. I want it broken down,  surrendered, and belly up to my whim when I finally come in for the claim.

People that know me often think my ideas are all off the cuff, and some are! But most of the time, I’m not talking until I have an entire plan laid out.

This trickles into my personal life too.  My best friend and I will have a conversation about something bothering her and we’ll hang up. Maybe three days later I’ll mention something regarding the situation because my brain works things out, sorting details until it eliminates the BS from the genuine. I wake up with decisions I’ve made when I’m asleep because I’ve mulled it over through the night while dreaming. 

Dreams are where the best ideas for writing come, especially for creatives whose brains never stop pulling from the world around them. Put them in a world with no boundaries, like a dream world, and you’ll never be disappointed.

So why do all this amazing stuff the injustice of haphazard results fueled on anxiety to slap it on a site to sell? So much time,  so much blood from the quill, and it’s squandered away to the abyss of imperfection. Put your effort on like a suit and wear it with pride and confidence. You never know who your book will meet that day.

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