And now my thoughts on The Walking Dead Finale

Let me begin by saying this is my own opinion and if you don’t agree, I’m totally cool with that.

We all sat down that Sunday night, prepared for another death. Knowing it would be one of our beloved characters had us in a bundle of nerves. The introduction of Negan making us (sick and) giddy.

We all know that the show loves to leave us dangling like a dingleberry until the social media sites are blazing like Hell’s inferno..but this one? This one was cheap. And frankly, coming from someone that doesn’t mind cliff hangers..I felt my love and loyalty tested. 

We spent most of the finale watching the group drive, back track, drive, circle, with tiny moments of bonding. We spent the other part watching Morgan trailing Carol, finding her, losing her, finding her… ugh.

I kept looking at my watch!  Like, “uhhh you’re cutting this real close guys!”

And I knew it. A drawn out, cheapo finale that prepped us (like every. single.  season. before.) for someone to die.  Or might be died. For once I was screaming for a Game of Thrones scene that would leave me emotionally crippled, but at least satisfied!

It’s an old joke now guys. Real old. Move the story along.  You can only fake throw the ball so many times before the dogs grow disinterested. 

As an author, my fans and readers would’ve moved on by now,  and rightfully so.

I was so pissed…I didn’t care who died anymore. I just wanted to go to bed.

What’d you think? Post in the comments below.

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  1. I completely agree. I felt I was watching a draggy show that was building up for something exciting only to have the door slammed in my face.


  2. My thoughts exactly. I actually posted that either the writers need to get it together or they just need to cancel the show. A show dying a long slow death is not anything I am interested in. The last two seasons have been disappointing imo.


  3. Interesting read! Have you shared this on any TV websites? 🙂


  4. Eh, right or wrong they’ve hooked me into coming back to find out who got the wrong side of the bat so they did what they set out to do.


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