I Need A Moment..

Skull_Bones_Coffee_Sugar_Snow_Violent_CubeMe2Sometimes when you’re in the eye of the storm you see things around you so much clearer. There’s chaos floating around, debris tumbling in the wind like leaves in winter, and noise. So much noise. It’s deafening like the roar of a lion and it makes you freeze right where you’re standing.

Once you’re in that center though, it is like reaching out with the hand of God and plucking unnecessary objects from the fray. You see everything pass by and it’s like going to a buffet. Each item is neatly placed, pleasing to the eye. They are tempting and scrumptious but in the back of your mind you argue, “This isn’t good for you. You’ll regret it if you indulge.”

This is the way life  has been for me. I was always a storm chaser. Now, I like being in the eye. I can follow the storm ..but I’m not part of the storm.

Removing drama, even if it’s not directly related to you, is sometimes a necessary evil. By its very nature, drama breeds drama and attracts it just the same. I like breathing room where I can step away from it and stay clean from its aftermath. Because believe me, there is always an aftermath. There is always a broken relationship, however big or small, that can never be quite the same.

This is what my kind of people call, “the art of detachment”. We simply turn and walk in the other direction. It’s an easy direction and some people get lost trying to follow it. It’s called, the future.

It’s easier to pull someone off the chair than for that person to help you up to where they are. When people take advantage, taint relationships, show no remorse, or gratitude and devalue your existence in their life — that is the time to release your hold. Believe me, for every hand you release, there’s another one to replace it. Save the ones that help you save them, and let go of the ones that want you to burn with them.

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