Houston…We have a problem

So as many of you have heard, and are probably sick of hearing (sorry) that Houston has become an island. Yes, we’re soaked and miserable. We’ve not seen the likes of this in many, many years. And by “We” I mean Houston, not me. I’m originally from Chicago. Where there’s some normal weather! haha!

The trees turn into brilliant colors during the fall. It snows. Spring brings all the blooms. And summer is the place for friends, block parties, pool parties, house parties…did I mention parties?

So anyway, I wanted to chime in and show you first hand pictures. Not the disaster that you see plastered on the news channels but not pretty either. I went with my friend and daughter-in-law to explore the morning after and these are pics of the blocks surrounding my home. We are surrounded by a “bayou” (sorry, still trying to figure out what this is, other than a ditch with water in it) and it just rushed into the streets. There were ‘possums, turtles (no, seriously) and other critters running around looking for the Ark.

We’re OK here, I promise. A lot of people lost power, but Houstonians are some crazy people let me tell you. These people are trying to drive and go to work (!?!). I just shake my head. The news tells you to stay home and you guys run out. This is why I’ll be surviving the Zom-Poc. Because I stay my ass at home and let the others “test the waters” (no pun intended). Listen folks. All jokes aside. If you see water, please… Go.Inside. No job is worth losing your life over.

Friends and neighbors — If you see people in your neighborhood in need. Don’t stand and watch them. Go help. Talk sense into them, and get them to go inside where it is safe.

And without further ado ….

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