Amazon, let’s talk..

First of all let me explain something. Indie authors rely heavily on reviews.  Indie authors are also very close to their fans and readers, giving them access to themselves whereas traditional writers are more distant. Amazon offers support to “indie” authors that have a number of reads and reviews. 

Why then, is Amazon penalizing indie authors that establish these relationships and bonds with loyal readers trying to spread support.  What else does this company want from us? 

Oh let me guess. Money.  Since self publishing means we keep all of the (almost nonexistent) profits they feel is a source of untapped revenue. 

Or maybe they are in cohoots with the traditional publishers who are losing said revenue. 

Listen,  Amazon. What you are doing is wrong. If someone beta reads an authors book,  that means they read it.  If they don’t like it they will either A. Not write a review or B. Write a bad review. 

If I get a gift, and I love the product. .let’s say it’s a new phone. .are you going to tell me my review is manipulated? 

I’m getting sick of this form of censorship. 

Anyone want to weigh in?