Stop Putting Your Books On The Dollar Menu

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing an author in so much angst to get readers, they price all their work for 99 cents.  All of it.  Or they price it for way below market value. 

I cannot stress this enough so please pay attention.

If you don’t put value in your own work, what do you think will happen? 

That one day you’ll become a big time writer and the .99 crowd will suddenly start paying retail?  No. It doesn’t work that way. 

If you want someone to take you seriously? Get paid what you’re worth.

You know your work is good.  Set the standard. 

Unless your serving 1 billion, stop putting your book on the dollar menu.

What’s in that dollar menu?  Gourmet burgers?  Gordon Ramsey chicken nuggets?  No! It’s over processed, beef (so we hope) filled with crap!  Is that what’s between your pages?  If so, by all means!  Sell it for a buck. 

But once you start getting better and your work is worthy, slap that price tag on and have no regrets.  Not one single doubt that your work is worth something.

So many authors fall into the trap of Facebook fandom. You got 2k followers?  Awesome. How engaged are all 2k of them? Are you seeing $2000 a month on New Release day? 

Stop. Just stop it.

A reader will pay for a good book.  A real reader will be happy to pay full price for a well edited, good story.  Oh, and while I’m ranting, a good reader will not refund the book after reading it.

That’s for you Mr. or Mrs. I-read-the-entire-book-and-refunded-it.  You just committed theft.  And it’s disgusting that Amazon allows this to go on. 

Pick your head up, author.  You are worth it but no one will believe that until you do. 

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  1. thank Lisa this is one amazing Article and you know what from now on I am going to take this to heart and value my work and no more dollar menu for me!


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