Get Right The Hell Out

I’m sorry up front for the adult rating of this post.  I’m preparing everyone now of my near ballistic rant.  Exit stage left if this isn’t your cup of tea.

Gwyneth Paltrow endorses a 15k gold sex toy.  Are you (bleep)ing kidding me? 

This is the same woman that couldn’t last on her challenge to eat on a “normal” women’s budget. Seriously, get out of my face with this crap! I hope no one else is buying her “purist” facade. 

I wish this woman would stop pretending she’s some American girl-next-door. I’m infuriated by her inability to decide whether she’s daddy’s spoiled rich girl, or she’s “just like everybody else”.

Maybe she needs to put down her 15k gold sex toy and remove the bigger device from her other orifice.

This isn’t a very nice post and I realize that it may shine a less than desirable light on me from a lot of readers but when you come from a blue collar, hard working family that has to sacrifice just to put whatever you can on the table?  You don’t want to read about this woman’s decadent sex life accessories.

Yeah, I get it.  She works hard blah, blah.  So do a lot of people, and we’re not trying to place judgement on others about what they eat based on their budget. We’re not making women feel bad for how we raise our children.

My advice, Ms.  Paltrow? Learn to be happy in your own home.  Own your privileged lifestyle and stop pretending is anything but privileged. And keep your dido, worth more than most people’s annual income, in your sock drawer and off my news feed.

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