When do we take responsibility?

Yesterday/Last Night, Typhoon Texas was admonished for an event that got out of control. This is a brand new business that has landed here in Katy, Texas, and the event was for a Christian Teen “Lock-In” party.

From Channel 2 News, Houston

Although many parents have complained, Typhoon Texas says attendees did not follow policy and therefore were forced to leave.

“Individuals or groups who violate our code of conduct are subject to removal. These policies are posted on the property,” a spokesperson for Typhoon Texas said.

From Covering Katy:
“This business should be shut down till they figure out how to run it safely. They had the nerve to tell us no refunds, just come back another day and we can reuse our tickets. I will never go back,” Miller said.

I think the most important thing to note is that parents dropped their kids off and left them there. I don’t care how old my teenager is, if there’s a lock-in I want to know all details and if my child will in fact be “locked in”, what happens if there’s an emergency, and who will be in charge of ensuring their safety. I’d probably go so far as to chaperon the event because A.) there’s water (where the heck do they rest, sleep if tired, etc) and B.) uhh, they’re teenagers being locked up together. The equivalent of herding rabid raccoon.

Parents — I cannot stress this enough: Take accountability. If your child is part of a rowdy crowd, cussing (at a Christian event) at lifeguards (did you catch that word lifeguard..you know, the person in charge of your child’s life if they get into trouble in the water because they are drowning. Not “babysitter”), and splashing water around sound equipment and putting peoples’ lives in danger… Please own up to it and stop blaming the business. Having a party means you have proper adult supervision. Shame on you for attacking a company that’s brand new because you have misbehaving spawn.

This is Katy, Texas. Quite, suburbia. Teens have turned to drugs because there’s nothing to do that doesn’t cost a parent a small fortune. $700 for “tumbling” or “gymnastics”, don’t even ask how much football camp is. This is Texas. It’s a religion, here. The best free/cheap thing to do is Alamo Draft House, who puts out inexpensive showtimes for kids/family during the summer, but it’s geared mostly for younger kids.

Let me tell you what the teens have in Katy, Texas.
1. The Mall
2. The Park (in 1 million degree weather, fire ants, flooding)
3. Neighborhood Swimming Pools

That’s pretty much the extent of it. How do I know? I have lived here with four (4) teenage boys. I try to keep them busy with allowing them to play music. You know what we’re met with? Police calls! At 3pm, in daylight, by neighbors opposed to hearing drums. Apparently, they’d rather hear nothing. Or maybe gunfire? The kids are bored, and restless and you give them something positive like a Splash Park and what do parents do? Spit in their face.

I’m in no way employed or affiliated with the Splash Park. I don’t know if the slides are death traps. I don’t know if the staff is rude. I have no idea who owns this park. What I do know is it is shameful when you can’t even take responsibility for not properly planning and executing your own event, and watching over your own children, because you feel a sense of entitlement or lack of accountability.

Spend time with your own kids.

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of negative feedback for this. You know what? I don’t care. I’ve been a chaperon to many field trips where there weren’t enough parents and I’ve had to discipline children who thought it was OK to run amok in a museum.

My own children have misbehaved, I’m not perfect. However, I do try to be there to help and not expect teachers to be babysitters. People wonder why there’s no more field trips? I wouldn’t take some of these kids in public either. I’ve been cussed out by kids 10 and up because I asked them to line up and get ready to board the bus. I’ve seen kids sneaking off to hop fences. When my group was supposed to be 5-10 children, I’ve had to double up because the parent that promised to be there, didn’t show up.

By the way, if you’re looking for something to do with your kids other than teaching them that shopping and eating is all there is to do: Visit Typhoon Texas who has brought a family splash park and commerce to Katy, Texas.


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