Dear Hollywood Producers…

I see a lot of reboots going on in Hollywood.  So what’s the dang deal?  Seriously, what’s going on? 

I can only assume that Hollywood big wigs have been locked against their will in a cellar. And as an added punishment they’re forced to read books that are generic, overdone,  and have watered down plots. To remedy this, they come up with the brilliant idea to reboot movies. 

This is like taking a nice big bite of your chip, spitting it into the bowl of salsa, only to look down in delighted surprise and say,  “Oh look! A chip!”

I don’t want to see another 7 Harry Potter (definitely not a snub to Harry Potter, it’s just done..let’s keep moving). I don’t want to see Transformers 99. I don’t want to see Not-So-Fast and the Geritol  (sorry Vin, I love you).

I want a movie that’s original, gripping, truly cerebral in its twists and turns, and sends me tumbling down a path I try to claw out from.  I want to watch a movie with a plot so unique, I sit with jaw open and eyes glazed over from the shock.  I want to see,  AND PAY, for a movie I haven’t seen before.  Sometimes a reboot is necessary.  But not every damn movie.  And keep your hands off iconic movies like Rocky Horror Picture Show,  and any Hughes movie. And just because it’s my soap box and I can say what I want, stop “adding to back story” or “picking up from” because you’re doing it wrong. So wrong. 

I tell you what.  Call me.  I read.  A lot.  You want original? How about this…scope the indie scene and make someone’s dreams come true.  Make a movie from some of these talented authors who get @$$ bent by snobs and corporations who say,  “Indie authors aren’t real authors”. Break the rules.  I dare you.  Sign an author that isn’t writing shite just to fulfill a contract. Sign an author that hits the keys every day to entertain their readers.  Take your nose out of each others rectums and put it in a book that has a storyline you’ve never seen before. 

Need help?  Troll Facebook and twitter.  They’re saturated with them. 

Have a favorite indie book you’d love to see made into a movie?  Comment below!

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  1. I’ve loved the few films over the past few years that haven’t been from established franchises – and films that were never DESIGNED to have ad-infinitum sequels; Babadook and It Follows and The Guest. There is still definitely a place for indie which can do well commercially. It’s just the exception and not the rule, sadly.


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