Minions (Open Call to Twitter Thug)

If you’re reading this thinking there’s going to be something about falling in love with a young thug, you’re going to be disappointed.

This message is really me venting. I know, I know. Most of my posts are. But well…it’s my blog and it’s best that I get it out. I find most times, I’m saying what a lot of people are thinking and not in harmful “Trump-ette” way.

This post is for the Trolls. Oh…my beautiful internet thugs. You truly are a thing of imaginary beauty. You go around in packs when one troll can’t handle the heat alone. You’re like minions. Sad. Lonely. Hateful. Tiny. Pond Scum minions. Did I mention sad?

Oh you amuse me, I’ll give you that. But honestly? Having been a young troll once, in another lifetime, and having grown up and moved on and found self-esteem, I no longer need that herd of trolls to feel confident in my opinion. And I don’t need to be an internet bully who stoops to the level of personal insults just to escalate my opinion or insult.

No, that’s your game. You poke at weaknesses as if it empowers you and you have no idea that it really exposes you. It tells me exactly what you’re scared of in yourself. Oh it’s true, and a proven number of studies to back me up.

But my message really comes from a personal level today. And it comes with a warning.

No, a promise.

Someone found it “OK” to post my address on Twitter, and talk about doing harm to someone in my house.

I’m sorry but now this issue is public and it will go global. Because that’s who *I* am. And you’re messing with the wrong people. See your herd may be big…but mine is bigger and they’re more fierce. If you come at me or my family in a way that harms us or my property? I will be sure that your information goes everywhere. I mean everywhere. News, hackers, darknet, police. Every.where.

Because that’s who my followers are. And they hate people like YOU. The talk-big-make-idle-threats-egolacking-peniscompensating-lowlife-who thinks I’m scared of you.

I suggest you stop and back up. Very slowly. Because I’m not playing games with you. Turn around, tuck your tail like good little boys and I’ll forgive your lapse in judgement this one time. But I must warn you. My memory is fading fast in my old age and if you persist, I may forget that you’re young and stupid.

If you persist. I will post photos, address, phone numbers, and more so that you can feel what it’s like to have to look over your shoulder.


Yeah. I called you out. Because you have to use Twitter Threats to boost your ego. 😦

PS. I hope that “9” is registered!


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