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Eve and the Apple

By Lisa Vasquez

(All rights reserved, copyright 2017)



The best thing about being a vampire?





Men have ruled the world since the beginning of time. Funny, narcissistic creatures they are; prancing around like peacocks with their feathers in a fan of displayed pride. From the shadows, I was the first witness to all the atrocities man has committed. From its ability to slaughter their own kind for no other reason than to gain power or to exact revenge. To wars waged in the names of the Gods only to curse them in the next breath. When the world had been scourged by the Old Gods a new dawn came, and with it the birth of a new creature, called “human”.

The New God had fathered a child in his image from the dirt, calling him “Adam”. Little did the New God know, his human child would become spoiled fruit, withering on the vine. The primogen carried inside of him the seed of the original sin and with it he would infect his entire race.  Laying claim to the garden, Adam exalted his existence in the eyes of every beast below him. Even his wife, Eve.

I reveled in knowing soon … the tides would change.


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