#Permission to put YOU first

The Queen’s Message of the Day:

There are a lot of you on my Facebook and Social Media who have big hearts. You’re #givers. You’re #healers. You’re #caretakers.

***** I need you to pay attention to this message. *****

1. I give you permission to breathe and take care of yourself. If you fall, who will hold up the world and everyone in it?

2. Be the best YOU you can be by investing in yourself so you have more to give.

3. You cannot pour from an empty pitcher. When the bottom is dry, that means there’s nothing left.

Let me put this into perspective.

You invite 100 people to a party. Being YOU, you cook for 150. 200 show up. How do you feel knowing 50 people are hungry? Being YOU, I know that hurts you. So if you don’t have energy to give away, you’re only hurting yourself.

4. Last but not least … Put #VALUE in YOU and your #TIME. If someone isn’t worthy of your time, value it/you enough to stop giving it out to them. You’ll be surprised at how fast they find someone else to take your place.


Take it from me because I nearly gave all my blood away. Nearly had an empty tank. Nearly gave up on all I had accomplished. THANK YOU to my givers who saw this and helped fuel me back to life so I can deliver the message to you.


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  1. Excellent guidance.


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