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A lot of people ask me how I find time to do everything I do. The honest answer is: I’m a hot mess sometimes. But the truth is, certain things make life easier. I’m all about lessening my load.

I also do keto. I know it’s all you see everywhere now, and listen, I’m not perfect in it. I don’t adhere to calorie and macro breakdowns because … I’m busy remember?

However, it works for me, I feel amazing, and I keep my weight controlled. All this is necessary for leading my busy schedule. I want to also mention none of this would be possible without my #instapot! So if you’ve been eyeballing one, just do it. Thank me later.

This is what my table looks like as I begin. Having everything laid out helps me plan and organize the week. Adding fresh herbs is a game changer. The taste is more alive in my opinion. If I didn’t kill things in books as well as I kill plant life, I’d not be me. So, no plans for my own herb garden in the near future-but if you have the option, I recommend it.

Special note: if you’re “pure keto” you’ll want to skip any pre-packaged cheese and hand shred your own. Shredded cheeses have added flour. This isn’t everything I eat all week, this is just the breakfast and lunch spread.

I get five dozen eggs and hard boil at least half a dozen at a time then give them little X’s so I know the difference. Eggs are a great source of protein and are super filling. They make an excellent addition to salads and serve as a great in-between snack.

The ziplock bag to the left contains almonds, organic coconut flakes and the tiniest bit of cranberries. Cranberries have carbs but I don’t add too many and as I mentioned, I’m not super strict.

I keep an ice tray of broth, this is so I can take a cube or two and just toss it in the instapot or pan as I cook.

This is one of my faves. I love toasted coconut yogurt with my berries and almonds.

So there ya go! My weekly mad rush to sanity is all in planning. I can add more time to writing, relaxing, working, etc., because I’m not tethered to the kitchen.

Hopefully, this helped someone! As you favorite ways to save time and sanity in comments!

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