While everyone is coping with the COVID19 in their own way, I’m seeing a division among friends and family. It’s a sad state of affairs when family members will fight over the fears of their own blood.

Friends should be supporting one another, not escalating the situation. In this crisis-yes, crisis-it will be unfortunate because the severity of what’s going on won’t set in until it hits someone’s own circle (for some).

When I see people partying at the beach, writing “YOLO” in the sand, my heart wrenches. It triggers an anger in me I’ve worked my whole life to keep in its cage. I want to scream and shake them. YOLO-You only live once-is something you live by, but who gave them the right to take the choice from someone else to be healthy? Who gave them the right to choose for them? This isn’t a game. They’ve killed someone.

Here’s a secret. Please don’t spread this around, OK?



Most people are rushing to “panic” buy because of genuine fear. Leadership is lacking – I’m not even talking about politics right now. I’ll save that for another day when I’m medicated. I’m talking about store leaders. Get your shit together. If you can coordinate BLACK FRIDAY and hand out stock, you can do this at your store. BE THE PARENT. Let’s roleplay together!

Store Leader: “Here’s your package of toliet paper! Have a great day! What? You want 10 of these? I’m sorry but due to low resources, everyone will have to observe the limit. Don’t worry, doing this means you’ll have more when you run out. Have a wonderful day and stay safe! NEXT!”

Putting toliet paper in a pile in the center of the store is irresponsible and poor judgement. EVEN this week, one particular store (cough-Walmart-cough) here in Texas wasn’t putting LIMITS on how much you could buy.

Now that I’ve called them out, let me tell you how impressed I am with HEB, our local grocery chain. They are organized, calm, assertive and have control of the situation. Not only are they stocked and prepared, they are giving their employees RAISES for being there. Go figure! Color me stupid but I’m a loyal consumer to HEB and will pay an extra 2 bucks for things to support them.

Please be responsible. It’s super simple. No one is taking your rights away. You’re being given the right to be healthy, and to not strip someone else’s right to be healthy, away from them. If the worst you have to deal with is two weeks of shelter-in-place, take it and run. Enjoy the grass. Enjoy your pets. Read. Unplug. Discover something new. Learn a new thing. Stop being entitled, spoiled children throwing a tantrum over being “grounded.”


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