Jae is a beautiful writer with the ability to weave images in your mind for days after reading her work. ❤

Bibliophilia Templum

By Jae Mazer


Impactful, flowing horror


Nell is caught in a toxic marriage, waiting for something to give. Wanting it all to end. But is her husband merely abusive, or is he something else? Something worse?

Consumption is a folklore tale set in the prairies of Alberta, Canada. Join Nell as she scrambles to stay afloat in a crumbling life and abusive marriage, all while navigating the horrors of both a fantastical monster and a notorious killer.

Consumption is another stand-alone installment in Jae Mazer’s Tales from Ramnon, stories centred around the fictional afterlife of Fort Ramnon.


Consumption by Jae Mazer is a dark blend of psychological horror and folk horror. It is brilliant and flowing and transcends its synopsis.

Jae has created frighteningly realistic characters and scenarios within her folk horror tale that will bring everything you think you know into question. The natural and supernatural…

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