The madness of writing: January 22, 2022

You have so many voices and words in your head. Some of them make sense and some of them are like whispers on a static-filled telephone line.

Some days you can make out what they are saying, create stories out of them and build new worlds.

Other times you feel like a cellphone commercial, “Can you hear me now?”

Each voice belongs to a real soul. Each voice has a story to tell. Trying to sort through all the chatter is like listening to a crowd of people and honing in until you can hear one conversation.

You become like god, listening to the world, eavesdropping here and there.

Every now and then one voice steals the spotlight.

Writer friends, whose voice has your ear today?

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  1. It is 3:31 in the morning and I am running off less than 3 hours of sleep as I sit here posted as the Command Duty Officer (CDO) for our building. Later Today we have the Obstacle and Endurance Course orientation; 24-degree weather . . . yay. As of late, the voice in my head has been the dry monotone of adobe read out loud narrating me publication after publication (Warfighting. Leading Marines, Tactics, The Armed Forces Officer, and all the endless student handouts on everything from the role of the Unit Chaplain to the organization of the Marine Corps). No writing voices have been in my head the last 2 weeks. More like writing “feelings”. Feelings of urgency to remember all of these names, faces and personalities of all my classmates because that is the hidden gem of being in the Military, Characters! Ask any vet. They’ll tell you the military is full of characters. Good, bad, or indifferent. You’ll find everything from all American boy scouts to the worst bottom of the barrel degenerates that will make you think to yourself wow, out of millions of swimmers you came in first place? What would the first runner up been like? Such is the nature of working in an organization where people are pulled from all corners of the country and world and consolidated in one place. A treasure trove of character inspiration.

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