Writing Prompt: The Devil Made Me Do It

THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT: A person wakes up with no memory of the past few days, only to find out that they have committed a series of heinous crimes.

Let’s exercise our writing skills. This is for fun only. In the past, when I ran an independent publishing company I used to do these every Saturday. Sometimes, it was received well…and other times it got weighed down by people saying I wanted free content for my site or that I’m not paying for the words.

I want to clear this up immediately: these prompts are for fun and you can make them as long or as short as you like. I recommend 500 words but there’s no rules. I love to work with other authors and creatives. I love seeing how one prompt pulls perspective in different ways.

If you’re concerned with your work being “published” on my site, do it in private! Use it for a bigger project! My only goal is to socialize, sink into fictional worlds, and celebrate writing!

Let’s lube up the brains and warm up our hands. If you like, use it for your own personal daily writing drills. I know I could use the support when ideas seem to dry up.

If you want constructive criticism, please message me privately!

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