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Lisa the Artist

Since this is a comprehensive site of all things me, I’ve decided to also as my artwork. Please message me if you see one you’d like to purchase. Please keep in mind some acrylic paintings may already be purchased and are no longer available.

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Originally posted on Bibliophilia Templum:
CONSUMPTION By Jae Mazer Impactful, flowing horror Synopsis Nell is caught in a toxic marriage, waiting for something to give. Wanting it all to end. But is her husband merely abusive, or is he something else? Something worse? Consumption is a folklore tale set in the prairies of Alberta, Canada.…

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Fuel the Brain

#food #foodprep #busylife A lot of people ask me how I find time to do everything I do. The honest answer is: I’m a hot mess sometimes. But the truth is, certain things make life easier. I’m all about lessening my load. I also do keto. I know it’s all you see everywhere now, and…

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#Permission to put YOU first

The Queen’s Message of the Day: There are a lot of you on my Facebook and Social Media who have big hearts. You’re #givers. You’re #healers. You’re #caretakers. ***** I need you to pay attention to this message. ***** 1. I give you permission to breathe and take care of yourself. If you fall, who…

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Review: Imaginary Friend

Christopher is an eight year old boy whose father took his own life due to mental illness. He lives with his mom who has bad luck with men following her husband’s death. Her newest boyfriend is an abusive alcoholic named Jerry. One night, Jerry takes things too far and while he’s passed out on the…

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The Answer is Simple

#truth #life #direction #advice #amwriting The buzz of the city amplifies your anxiety as you stare at the street signs. It’s a new place. You’ve never been here and perhaps you’re used to small town life. You want to ask someone for directions so you stand there-in the middle of the sidewalk-watching the faces as…

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