Authors and the Readers: The Bond

Authors have a very personal relationship with readers. It’s intimate in the way a love song can produce children whoare conceived to a verse drifting in and out between a couple lulled into a moment bursting with romance (okay-okay, usually angst filled and passionate). It can bring a person to rock bottom, or bring them higher than the clouds. Same with writing, and the person behind the ink.  Their words can change a life, invoke a movement, inspire, and at the same time they can reach a silent piece of your soul the reader thought no one could ever find. 

For those reasons alone, readers feel a connection and cling to this invisible bond. So why is it that many “big” authors are so elusive? 

I can think of a few reasons.  Writers are introverted a lot of the times.  Socially awkward. Have the luxury of anonymity. Our they’ve been scared emotionally by a scene where, in Stephen King’s novel MISERY, the author is kidnapped, tortured, and forced to write a story the way a fan insists it should be written.  I admit the last reason is pretty compelling. 

However, indie authors have no other way to gain support unless they have a large sum of money to advertise. They do author take overs, they do guest blogs, they run their own author pages, etc.

You may think I’m complaining but actually I’m excited about this.  I mean if the Queen of the Vampires, Anne Rice,  can be on her own Facebook page engaging loving fans then I see no reason that every author cannot, or will not, do the same.

If you’re in bed with your reader, (doesn’t everyone read in bed? ) you can at least chat with them when they come in contact with you.  In this digital age of accessibility, anyone not establishing a bond with a fan/reader is missing an opportunity. Not only to create loyalty…but in creating friendship and a source of support.

Gone are the days of being aloof, and elusive. Here are the days of being genuine and inviting.  Get to know your readers. They are your primary investors,  and occupy chairs on your board.  If you lose your readers, you might as well hang up your quill.

The Unsaintly Chronicles – 5 star review

Paul Dale Anderson reviewed The Unsaintly, Vol. 1

Interesting concept October 16, 2015

So here is a spoiler alert. I will give a five or four star rating to a novel that has marvelous potential in order to encourage that author to continue writing. One such writer is Lisa Vasquez, author of The Unsaintly (Create Space, 978-1461031086, $9.95). She concocted a good storyline, decent suspense, valid character interactions, realistic dialog, and spoiled the effect by adding an extra line between paragraphs. It’s such a minor thing that I should have been able to ignore it, but I couldn’t. I’m an old-time reader whose eyes expect to flow between paragraphs without extra white space. I loved the story itself, and the author is a writer to watch. I gave The Unsaintly five stars and included a caveat in the review.

I read Vasquez’ The Anti-God in Kindle and the extra space wasn’t so noticeable.

I recommend Lisa Vasquez to horror readers because she has created a believable fictional world with believable characters. I hope she continues to write.

Catching Up Before the Tempest

Hello everyone and good morning!

I wanted to catch up with you guys and put some proper wordage (that’s my new word) down before I go into hideaway status to start on Book Two to The Unsaintly series.

Firstly, my thanks to the loyal fans that hung around while I put together this whole thing. You guys have waited so long. I just hope that I have not let you down! 

Secondly, I need to apologize for the main website lacking updates. To be very honest.. I’m exhausted Lmao!  But in a good, fun way. I would not change anything.

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