The Unsaintly Chronicles – 5 star review

Paul Dale Anderson reviewed The Unsaintly, Vol. 1

Interesting concept October 16, 2015

So here is a spoiler alert. I will give a five or four star rating to a novel that has marvelous potential in order to encourage that author to continue writing. One such writer is Lisa Vasquez, author of The Unsaintly (Create Space, 978-1461031086, $9.95). She concocted a good storyline, decent suspense, valid character interactions, realistic dialog, and spoiled the effect by adding an extra line between paragraphs. It’s such a minor thing that I should have been able to ignore it, but I couldn’t. I’m an old-time reader whose eyes expect to flow between paragraphs without extra white space. I loved the story itself, and the author is a writer to watch. I gave The Unsaintly five stars and included a caveat in the review.

I read Vasquez’ The Anti-God in Kindle and the extra space wasn’t so noticeable.

I recommend Lisa Vasquez to horror readers because she has created a believable fictional world with believable characters. I hope she continues to write.

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