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Lisa the Artist

Since this is a comprehensive site of all things me, I’ve decided to also as my artwork. Please message me if you see one you’d like to purchase. Please keep in mind some acrylic paintings may already be purchased and are no longer available.

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Fuel the Brain

#food #foodprep #busylife A lot of people ask me how I find time to do everything I do. The honest answer is: I’m a hot mess sometimes. But the truth is, certain things make life easier. I’m all about lessening my load. I also do keto. I know it’s all you see everywhere now, and…

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The De Sols: Backstory

I started writing about the De Sol family on, or around, the year 1996. It started with AOL RP rooms, and I brought out a table top character I put together once: Gabrielle De Sol. Originally, she started out as my dominatrix vampire. (Hey, I said it was for fun!) She evolved … I evolved…

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Something New

I’m going to try something new. Because my time is so limited, there are times I only get a few words in at a time. So, once a week I’ll be adding a piece of a story here. You can follow, or you can binge when it’s done … or don’t read it! (I hope…

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