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The Answer is Simple

#truth #life #direction #advice #amwriting The buzz of the city amplifies your anxiety as you stare at the street signs. It’s a new place. You’ve never been here and perhaps you’re used to small town life. You want to ask someone for directions so you stand there-in the middle of the sidewalk-watching the faces as…

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Dress for the job you want

It’s a saying used in the corporate world, “Dress for the job you want”. But I think this is the dividing line between successful people, and not-so-successful people. Apply this saying to everything you do and you’ll reap the benefits. When you write, don’t write just to keep pumping out content. Write as if you’re…

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Guest Blogger! Drew Avera

The Importance of Dreams They don’t always come out and say when you’re growing up, but dreams are important. I’m not talking about those images you see in vivid detail during REM sleep. I’m talking about those fantastical things you dream up while you’re awake that preoccupy your mind and distract you from the monotony…

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