Catching Up Before the Tempest

Hello everyone and good morning!

I wanted to catch up with you guys and put some proper wordage (that’s my new word) down before I go into hideaway status to start on Book Two to The Unsaintly series.

Firstly, my thanks to the loyal fans that hung around while I put together this whole thing. You guys have waited so long. I just hope that I have not let you down! 

Secondly, I need to apologize for the main website lacking updates. To be very honest.. I’m exhausted Lmao!  But in a good, fun way. I would not change anything.

The Unsaintly page will get a revamp I promise.  Until then, the best place for updates is Facebook. Official Unsaintly Facebook

I have put together my Goodreads author page and there is a giveaway on there!  You can ask me questions, add yourself as a fan so I can get to know you and what you like to read, and most of all share our love of books.
Official Goodreads Author Page.

I also have an Amazon Author Page. Is there any place else you’d like to see myself or the book that you haven’t already?  Please let me know! Official Amazon Author Page

If you’ve bought the book and read it, please give me a review on your favorite site. If you’re a blogger, please link me!  Thank you everyone, for everything. If you don’t see me as active, that means I’m writing! 

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