REVIEW: Dark Homages II by HR Arswyd

A collection of “weird tales” in the tradition of Lovecraft, Aickman, etc. with contemporary influencing including Moore, and Lansdale.

Dark Homages II: Ill Met by Moonlight by [Arswyd, H. R.]


Let me just begin by saying, in this collection of five stories you will get a variety of stories ranging from ethnic influence as well as style influence. I love HR Arswyd’s range in story telling.

Each story takes you on a journey through a different time period and you get a strong sense of what it was like in both description and language. Arswyd’s knowledge, and understanding of the story as well as the characters shine through with with elegance and poise. What I mean is, you won’t be met with words dug out of a thesaurus for the sake of being “pretty”. Each word is carefully laid out and presented. Being a self-published author isn’t easy, and for that, minor flaws add to the value of this diamond in the rough. There is a classic simplicity in how he pieces every story together, proving the author is not only well-read but writes for the passion of writing. This is an author to keep an eye out for.

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